About us

About Sound Performance Lab (SPL)

Welcome to Sound Performance Lab, a bastion of innovation in audio technology renowned for exceptional sound quality. Since our founding in 1984 by Hermann Gier and Wolfgang Neumann, SPL has been a leader in developing groundbreaking audio gear for music, film, multimedia, hi-fi, and broadcasting.

Our Philosophy: Beyond Conventional Design

At SPL, our approach is rooted in experimentation and innovation. We believe that the best audio technology comes from pushing the envelope, not just adhering to the status quo. This philosophy drives us to create products that offer a unique performance, setting SPL apart from the mainstream.

Milestones and Innovations

Our journey is highlighted by significant achievements and pioneering inventions:

  • Patented Vitalizer®: Our sound optimization revolution.
  • Level-Independent Envelope Processing: Integral to our Transient Designer products.
  • Auto-Dynamic De-Esser: Innovative S-sound reduction through phase cancellation.
  • Atmos 5.1: The first discrete 5.1 surround microphone system.
  • Car Vitalizer® App for iOS: SPL's technological expertise in a mobile format.
  • 120V Operational Amplifier: Raising the bar in audio fidelity.
  • Phonitor Matrix: For loudspeaker-equivalent headphone listening and mixing.

Our Legacy

Founded by Hermann Gier and Wolfgang Neumann, SPL stands as a testament to German engineering and design excellence in the audio industry. Our range includes preamplifiers, compressors, equalizers, and monitoring controllers, each crafted to meet the highest standards of sound quality and reliability.

Our Product Range

SPL products are celebrated for their exceptional sound quality and user-friendly features. Standout products include the Transient Designer for dynamic audio signal control and the Phonitor headphone amplifier for an unparalleled listening experience.

Awards and Global Presence

Our commitment to audio excellence has been recognized with numerous awards, including TEC Awards. We're proud to furnish professional recording studios around the world, especially valued in mastering, and to have influenced the hi-fi experiences of music fans for over 35 years.

Expanding Horizons

In 2016, we launched our Professional Fidelity division, extending our expertise to home hi-fi products and bringing the unique 120-volt technology from our studio experience to home audio enthusiasts.

Our Vision and Commitment

For over three decades, SPL, co-founded by Hermann Gier and Wolfgang Neumann, has stood at the forefront of audio innovation. We continue to forge new paths in the audio production landscape, driven by our passion for sound excellence and our commitment to quality and innovation.